it’s love in a box

i recently found my favorite discount store in federal way, wa!

it’s called daiso! i pretty much bought out the store just yesterday….

what began as a casual browsing of their plethora of strange-but-fascinating merchandises, just collecting a item here, an item there and before i knew it i was hunting for a basket to carry all the goods i accumulated. after the first 30 minutes of wondering what this doodad and this thingamajig was used for, i narrowed down my shopping spree to bento items only. i’ve been a bit obsessed fascinated with bento lunches lately. you can’t imagine all the tools there are to make bento lunches — i sure didn’t. but im soOOOoo happy with my collection!

this morning, i made lunch for my sister (+ for me, too). here is a picture of my first attempt:

oink oink

the piggies got squished from the lid and one octopus sausage was gobbled up before the picture was taken. :(

funny thing is, i felt a sense of pride making this and found myself a bit giddy staring at the little creatures in the small red box…. heehee :D

bon appetit!!



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